alpha300 R - confocal Raman imaging

alpha300 R – 共聚焦拉曼成像

  • 一直以来,WITec alpha300 R 拉曼显微系统以其世界前沿的成像技术倍受认可,其灵活、快速、高灵敏度、高性能等特性,使其成为共聚焦拉曼成像市场的引领者。而WITec也始终坚持聚焦创新,不断引进新技术,使得 alpha300 R 的快速拉曼成像技术始终保持领先。

    WITec alpha300 R 系列成像系统灵活的模块化设计,能够结合不同的成像技术来满足新的扩展需求,为客户提供、定制不同的解决方案。

  • alpha300R motorisiert 095 neu


    • 共聚焦拉曼成像,具有前所未有的高速度,高灵敏度和高分辨率

    • 高光谱图像中每个样品点都能获取一张完整的拉曼光谱

    • 优异的横向分辨率

    • 出色的纵向分辨率,非常适于3D成像和深度分析

    • 超快速拉曼成像,单谱积分时间1毫秒以下

    • 采用超高通光量的镜头采谱,获得最高的灵敏度和最佳的光谱分辨率

    • 无损成像技术:无需对样品进行染色或标记


  • alpha300R stress in diamond
    Confocal Raman image of stress in a diamond film. Color coded from red (compressive strain) to blue (tensile strain).
  • WITec 3D Raman image pollen honey
    3D Raman Image of a pollen in crystalline honey. Image parameters: 150 x 150 x 50 pixels = 1,125,000 Raman spectra, scan area: 50 µm x 50 µm x 50µm, integration time per spectrum: 12.2 milliseconds, total acquisition time: 3h 50 min.
    • alpha300R 3D semiconductor depth scan
      Color-coded Raman depth-scan of a strcutured GaN layer used for semiconductors. Violet: GaN; Green: fluorescence along the edges of the structure; Red: Stress in material.
    • alpha300R 3D emulsion
      3D confocal color-coded Raman image of an emulsion of oil (green), alkane (magenta), and water (blue). 30 µm x 30 µm x 11.5 µm, 150 x 150 x 23 pixels, 517,500 Raman spectra, total acquisition time: 23 min.


  • Raman General Operation Modes

    • Raman spectral imaging: acquisition of a complete Raman spectra at every image pixel
    • Planar (x-y-direction) and depth scans (z-direction) with manual sample positioning
    • Image stacks: 3D confocal Raman imaging
    • Time series
    • Single point Raman spectrum acquisition
    • Single-point depth profiling
    • Fibre-coupled UHTS spectrometer specifically designed for Raman microsopy and applications with low light intensities
    • Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy
    • Bright Field Microscopy

    Basic Microscope Features

    • Research grade optical microscope with 6x objective turret
    • Video system: video CCD camera
    • LED white-light source for Köhler illumination
    • Manual sample positioning in x- and y-direction
    • Fibre coupling
  • Raman Optional/Upgradable Operation modes

    • Additional lasers, several wavelenghts eligible
    • Additional UHTS-spectrometers (UV, VIS, NIR)
    • Automated, motorized sample positioning and measuring with piezo-driven scan stages
    • Automated confocal Raman imaging
    • Automated multi-area and multi-point measurements
    • Full automation: see apyron
    • Ultrafast Raman Imaging, optional available
    • Upgradable for epi-fluorescence applications
    • Adapter for higher samples 
    • TrueSurface for Raman depth profiling
    • Autofocus
    • Dark Field Microscopy, Phase Contrast Microscopy, and DIC optional

    Ultrahigh-throughput UHTS Spectrometers

    • Various lens-based, excitation optimized spectrometers (UV, VIS or NIR) available, all specifically designed for Raman microsopy and applications with low light intensities
    • Fibre-coupled ultrahigh-throughput optical Instruments
    • Superior peak shape conservation

    Computer Interface:

    • WITec software for instrument and measurement control, data evaluation and processing




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