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WITec 网络研讨会

  • WITec 公司的应用工程师提供各种免费在线研讨会和课程(网络研讨会),为客户介绍最新的显微镜技术与应用,提供高级操作与分析培训。


Raman Imaging for the Complete Polymer Lifecycle: From Materials Science to Environmental Impact (published October, 2021)
Imaging Enhanced: Today's Raman Microscopy Applications (published May, 2021)
Illuminating Batteries, Semiconductors and 2D Materials with Correlative Raman Microscopy (published May, 2021)
Raman spectroscopy for biomolecular analysis and label-free Raman imaging (published November, 2020)
In Situ High Speed NIR Imaging & Raman Mapping to Monitor Form Change and Drug Release from Rapidly Disintegrating Tablets (published March, 2020)
Accelerate food, pharmaceutical and particle analysis with Raman imaging (published October, 2019)
How to Take the Next Step in Correlative Raman Imaging of Polymers and Microplastics (published June, 2019)
Raman microscopy for microparticle analysis: find, classify and identify (published June, 2019)
Raman Microscopy from Every Angle - Variations of 3D Chemical Imaging for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutics (published October, 2018)
Correlative Raman Imaging and SEM (RISE Microscopy) - New Approaches in Chemical and Structural Analysis (published May, 2018)
Raman imaging meets cells and nanomaterials – New perspectives in 3D chemical characterization (published October, 2017)
Correlative 3D Raman Imaging: Advancing Semiconductors & Energy Storage Devices (published November, 2016)
Correlative Raman imaging: New insights for bio-mineral and nano materials (published July, 2016)
New Ways of Automating Analysis in Confocal Raman Imaging (published May, 2015)
Confocal Raman Imaging for Industrial R&D Applications (published June, 2014)
Highest Resolution Confocal Raman – AFM – SNOM: New insights for Graphene and Nano-Materials (published October, 2013)