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  • Die bei WITec tätigen Wissenschaftler bieten kostenfreie online-Seminare und -Kurse (Webinare) zu mikroskopischen Techniken und Anwendungen für Weiterbildung und Training an. 

  • WITec Webinars


Raman Microscopy from Every Angle - Variations of 3D Chemical Imaging for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutics (published October, 2018)
Correlative Raman Imaging and SEM (RISE Microscopy) - New Approaches in Chemical and Structural Analysis (published May, 2018)
RISE -The Complete Picture of Material Properties: Correlative Raman-SEM Imaging (published November, 2017)
Raman imaging meets cells and nanomaterials – New perspectives in 3D chemical characterization (published October, 2017)
Correlative 3D Raman Imaging: Advancing Semiconductors & Energy Storage Devices (published November, 2016)
Correlative Raman imaging: New insights for bio-mineral and nano materials (published July, 2016)
RISE Microscopy: Advances in Correlative Raman - SEM Imaging (published December, 2015)
New Ways of Automating Analysis in Confocal Raman Imaging (published May, 2015)
Confocal Raman Imaging for Industrial R&D Applications (published June, 2014)
Investigations of Lifestyle Diseases: Discover Raman Imaging for your Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Research (published March, 2014)
Highest Resolution Confocal Raman – AFM – SNOM: New insights for Graphene and Nano-Materials (published October, 2013)
The Frontier of 3D Raman Imaging: Resolution, Speed, and Throughput Without Compromise (published March, 2013)
Topographic and 3D Raman Imaging - The next great leap in Raman microscopy (published May, 2012)
Truly 3D Raman Imaging: Confocal Volume Scans & Topography Tracing (published June, 2010)
Confocal Raman Imaging / AFM Illuminated - The Real State-of-the-Art (published October, 2009)