December 2018


WITec GmbH は、エリオット・サイエンティフィック社(本社:英国)と 弊社製品の販売代理店契約を締結しました。これにより両社で英国・アイルランドエリアでの WITec製品の販売、サポートにおける協業を開始いたします。 共同でのセミナー開催や展示会出展などを通じて、WITec ラマン顕微鏡システムの拡販を進めてまいります。

The cooperation with Elliot Scientific Limited, an established supplier of opto-mechanical components, will enhance the local visibility of WITec’s line of Raman imaging and scanning probe microscopes and ensure closer contact with its customer base. Managing Director of Elliot Scientific Dr. Adrian Knowles, who has extensive Raman spectroscopy experience along with an existing working relationship with WITec, will take the lead in promoting sales activities and providing support for new and installed user systems in the UK and Ireland. The combined talents of both companies will serve to further WITec’s position as the leading manufacturer of confocal Raman and correlative microscopy systems.

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