• StrobeLock: time-resolved measurements

      • Highly precise time-resolved measurement of fluorescence and luminescence signals
      • User-friendly combination options with Raman, SNOM, and AFM
      • Flexible laser pulse frequencies ideally matching the sample properties (up to > 100 MHz)
      • Instrument response function typically below 120 ps for high measurement sensitivity and accuracy

    • Time-resolved Luminescence Microscopy (TLM) on a blue light-emitting diode (LED). Left: Map of local relaxation times. Right: Counter plot of the temporal luminescence emission start of the LED.
    • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM) of EPPTC crystal needles.
      Left: Total fluorescence intensity; Right: FLIM.
      Images are a courtesy of Xingping Zhang, Institute of Information Photonics Technology and College of Applied Sciences, Beijing University of Technology.


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