alpha300 access – Entry-level Raman Microscope

Gain entrance to the Raman world today – Stay flexible for emerging challenges tomorrow

  • The alpha300 access is a micro-Raman single-spot analysis and mapping microscope. It was specifically engineered for budget-conscious customers with high demands on instrument performance. Its outstanding spectral quality, optical throughput and signal sensitivity are ensured by well-established WITec optical elements.

    The high-quality microscope setup of the alpha300 access is also the basis for its full upgradability. Whenever needed, the alpha300 access can be easily and quickly adapted to new requirements. Customized solutions for e.g. scan stages, spectrometers, cameras and lasers can be added and even advanced Raman techniques can be integrated.

    So over time, with an alpha300 access microscope as a starting point, one could build up a WITec high-end instrument to conquer the Raman world. With this continuity inherent in our product line, the alpha300 access enables our customers to keep pace with the evolving state of the art.

  • alpha300ACCESS

Key Features

  • access to high-performance Raman spectroscopy and spectral Raman mapping

    access to high-quality and ultra-precise optical microscopy components

    access to exceptional spectral quality provided by the WITec UHTS spectrometer series

    access to class-leading capability within challenging budget environments

    access to the WITec Raman and imaging know-how

    access to the future of Raman spectroscopy through upgradeability

Application Examples

  • WITec application example access
    Large-area Raman map (A) of a pharmaceutical pain relief ointment (emulsion) and corresponding spectra of oil and water with the dissolved active ingredient (B). Raman analysis of a graphene flake: (C) White light video image indicating the positions of single micro-Raman spectra acquisitions as shown in (D) with corresponding colors. The Raman image in (E) reveals its layered structure based on the recorded Raman map.


    • High-quality, rock solid microscope base for highest stability and long-term drift elimination
    • Research-grade optical microscope body with LED Köhler white-light illumination and video camera sample view
    • Manual stage for highly accurate single-point spectrum acquisitions
    • Motorized microscopy stage (optional) to allow for high-resolution confocal Raman mapping and large area investigations
    • Multiple laser excitation sources adaptable (single or multi-laser coupling units) for a maximum of experimental flexibility
    • Compatibility with the WITec software for measurement settings and data evaluation
    • Spectroscopy system UHTS 300 broadband for VIS to NIR (laser configurations between 532 nm and 830 nm), other spectrometers optional
    • Fluorescence microscopy and polarization dependent measurements easily accessible

Stay flexible and keep pace with the evolving state of the art

  • The ideal access point to WITec’s Raman imaging know-how:

    The alpha300 access offers full upgradeability to confocal Raman imaging (FAST RAMAN IMAGINGR) and other cutting-edge techniques such as topographic confocal Raman imaging (TrueSurface Microscopy), Atomic Force Microscopy or Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy, along with the modularity to keep pace with emerging and future challenges.

    Watch the video on the right and see the introduction and feature highlights of the alpha300 access from analytica 2016 in Munich.

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