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WITec’s alpha300 apyron – experience a new level of automation

  • The alpha300 apyron is the top of the line Raman imaging system in WITec’s microscope series. It combines ease-of-use and ultimate capability by automating hardware control and offering pre-configured measurement routines. This streamlines the experimental workflow and yields reproducible results with unrivaled speed, sensitivity and resolution. With the release of a new generation of alpha300 apyron microscopes, WITec now takes Raman imaging automation to the next level.

  • Would you like to see the new alpha300 apyron in action?

    Our product manager Thomas Dieing has recorded a comprehensive demonstration video in which he presents its unique benefits, outstanding performance and automated workflow. During the 30-minute video, he touches the instrument only once – to change the sample. All other steps are entirely remote-controlled.
    In the video, you’ll see the alpha300 apyron’s:

    • Fully-automated control
    • Self-alignment capability
    • Superior lateral and depth resolution
    • Ultra-fast Raman imaging performance
    • Excellent repositioning precision
    • 3D Raman imaging functionality
    • Easy-to-use data analysis routines

    For more information about the new alpha300 apyron, please visit the product page.

alpha300 apyron Hands-on Demo Session - Watch the video here.

  • To see the video presentation of the new alpha300 apyron, please fill out the contact form below. You will receive an access code/password for the video within one business day.

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