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What is ultrafast confocal Raman imaging?

Using an EMCCD detector, ultrafast confocal Raman imaging can be performed. The acquisition time for a single Raman spectrum can be as low as 760 microseconds and 1300 Raman spectra can be acquired per minute. As a confocal Raman image typically consists of tens of thousands of spectra, the new option reduces the total acquisition time for a complete image to only a few minutes. For example, a complete hyperspectral image consisting of 250 x 250 pixels = 62,500 Raman spectra can be recorded in less than a minute.

Ultrafast Raman imaging is particularly suitable for large-area confocal Raman images due to the drastic reduction in measurement time. Delicate and sensitive samples such as living organism also benefit from the reduced measurement time and the low level of excitation power necessary.