December 2012

WITec receives Advertising Excellence Award

WITec has received the ReadexResearch Advertising Excellence Award” for our print advertisement published in Spectroscopy Magazine’s April 2012 issue. On behalf of Spectroscopy Magazine, ReadexResearch, an independent research company, conducted an advertisement research study analyzing quantitative and qualitative feedback from the magazine’s readers. In various categories, such as attention-getting ability, believability or information value the advertisements were evaluated and rated. The WITec ad achieved the highest average value among all ads participating in this study. The evaluated advertisement was the first in a series of new print advertisements from WITec’s new “Pioneers by Profession” campaign. It reflects the fact that WITec is a trailblazer in new product developments which in return allow customers to perform pioneering research.

 “We are overwhelmed that the readers of Spectroscopy rated our print ad as the best one in this study” says Harald Fischer, WITec Marketing Director. “It is a great honor to receive such an independent recognition of our approach and philosophy.”

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November 2012

WITec appoints new distributor in Israel

Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd. selected as exclusive representative

WITec, worldwide leader in nano-analytical microscopy systems, has appointedAdvanced Technological Solutions Ltd. (ATSL) as its exclusive distributor in Israel. From now on ATSL will support WITec’s market entry and promote the full product line of high-resolution SNOM, AFM and Raman Imaging solutions. The ATSL team can look back on more than 20 years of experience in sales and support of advanced analytical instrumentation and will be an excellent point of contact for potential customers in Israel. With expertise in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, materials, chemistry, polymers, optics and nanotechnology, ATSL covers the primary application areas for WITec’s microscopes.

“With ATSL we now have a very dynamic and capable partner that will provide us with a well-established network in the Israeli scientific community” says Dr. Jan Toporski, WITec Sales Director Europe. “Our common philosophies of providing high-quality, flexible and innovative products are perfectly matched. It will allow us to respond to the individual customer requirements in Israel effectively and in the long run we expect a strong market presence.”

About Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.
ATSL- Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.- is a supplier of advanced technological solutions for R&D and industrial applications in Israel, representing leading manufacturers from all over the world. ATSL was founded by Rony Shteinberg and Gil Amzalag and specializes in importing, marketing and servicing scientific instruments, R&D, failure analysis and production systems.

Advanced Technological Solutions Ltd.
17 Mondrian St.
Kiryat Ata 28263
Phone: +972-54-7766639
Fax: +972-9-8788712


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November 2012

WITec expands presence in Canada

Spectra Research Corporation selected as sales partner

WITec, worldwide leader in nano-analytical microscopy systems, selected Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) as new sales representative in Canada. Due to the well-established and very active scientific communities in the country the expansion is a logical step in order to strengthen WITec’s regional presence.
Spectra Research Corporation will further develop WITec’s established presence in the country. With regard to the WITec range of products in the field of Raman and scanning probe microscopy, Canadian customers will benefit from SRC’s long-term spectroscopy and nanotechnology experience.

About Spectra Research Corporation
Spectra Research Corporation (SRC) was established in 1993 to serve both industrial and scientific marketplaces. Offering sales and service across Canada, SRC staff has the technical expertise and industry knowledge to supply advanced industrial analysis and scientific products and support services to government, university and commercial facilities across the country. The broad range of products from international market leaders includes instruments for materials testing, precision measurement and quality assurance, as well as advanced optical and scientific equipment for the most demanding of research applications. SRC is a subsidiary of Allan Crawford Associates (ACA), one of Canada's largest distributors of electronic components, test equipment, and integrated networking solutions.

Spectra Research Corporation
5805 Kennedy Rd.
L4Z 2G3 Mississauga (Toronto)
Ontario, Canada    
Phone: 905-890-0555
Fax: 905-890-1959

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October 2012

Conference Review: 9th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium

The worldwide Raman Imaging Community met from 26. – 27. September at the 9th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium in Ulm, Germany to discuss the latest developments in the field. Featured at this year’s event were the application possibilities of high-resolution Raman microscopy in pharmaceutical research as well as materials, geo-, and life sciences.

The keynote lecture by Prof. Sebastian Schlücker from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, on the basics of Raman spectroscopy and its application in microscopy provided a broad interactive look at the classical and quantum-mechanical description of the Raman effect. The specific requirements for highly sensitive and diffraction-limited Raman imaging in terms of an optimized microscope setup were highlighted by Dr. Olaf Hollricher, WITec Managing Director R&D. Dr. Thomas Dieing, WITec Director Customer Support, underlined in his presentation on the combination of Raman with structural surface imaging, the necessity of a modular instrument platform in order to perform AFM and TrueSurface Microcopy with a single instrument.

In the first application-related talk, Dr. Thomas Beechem from Sandia National Laboratories discussed the analysis of stress and material interactions between the individual layers of a bi-layer graphene sheet. Dr. Juan Romero from CSIC, Madrid, Spain, talked about the importance of ceramic materials in everyday life as well as high technology while showing various examples of how Raman imaging is beneficial for the characterization of ceramic materials. The advantages of 3D analysis were illustrated Dr. Barbara Cavalazzi, University of Johannesburg, reporting on the investigation of fossilized traces of life on earth. The importance of Raman imaging in Life Science as a label-free method was discussed by Dr. Diedrich Schmidt from the North Carolina A&T State University, USA, presenting results of single cell measurements. Dr. Klaus Wormuth from the University of Cologne, Germany used Raman microscopy to achieve a better understanding of drug delivery systems. In the related presentation that followed, Dr. Maike Windbergs from the University of Saarbrücken, Germany, showed methods that can successfully characterize pharmaceutical systems with a special focus on results obtained with TrueSurface Microscopy.

The poster session was commenced by Dr. Dieter Fischer, from the Leibnitz Institute for Polymer Research, Dresden, Germany with his presentation on temperature-dependent Raman imaging of polymer blends, which was selected as a plenary presentation among the abstracts of the contributed poster session. Nearly 20 contributions for the poster session allowed intense discussion on the scientific results of the participants. The poster session was well-attended and the contributions were favorably received.

During the dinner talk Prof. Fernando Rull from the University of Valladolid, Spain, reported on the Raman spectrometer which will be part of the European ExoMars 2018 mission, pointing out that the instrument design for space applications requires additional evaluative research to be successful.

The main focus of the second symposium day was the operation of the instruments. In the WITec application lab, the attendees were able to see live demos of 3D Raman imaging experiments combined with AFM or topographic Raman Imaging on large samples. The necessary data evaluation software was presented as well. In summary the participants of the symposium were presented with a varied and detailed view of the current status of Raman imaging knowledge. The high scientific level of the presentations was well-regarded as reflected in the 100 % of attendees who rated the symposium as “Very Good” in a final anonymous feedback poll.

Further Info:

See more event images on our Facebook page.

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September 2012

TrueSurface Microscopy Now Integrated with the WITec alpha300 series

WITec's award-winning TrueSurface microscopy is now available as an integrated option for the alpha300 microscope series. This development enables topographic Raman Imaging on large samples for the full range of WITec instruments. The new imaging mode is also available as an upgrade for installed alpha300 and alpha500 systems. Current users will appreciate this considerable expansion of their instrument's capabilities and the varied advantages TrueSurface Microscopy provides in taking their research further in the future.

The functional core of the measurement mode is the sensor for optical profilometry, now fixed in the microscope objective turret. The system measures the surface topography of large samples and correlates it with confocal Raman microscopy. This allows very rough or heavily inclined samples to be chemically characterized precisely, automatically and easily while also being confocally imaged. The decisive advantage: Extensive, time-consuming sample preparation is rendered obsolete.

“Our customers have with every WITec system the possibility to undertake macroscopic investigations along the surface of a sample on the millimeter-scale, while performing microscopic 3D Raman Imaging measurements on the sub-micron scale" explained Dr. Olaf Hollricher, WITec co-founder and managing director R&D. "The pioneering integration of an optical profilometer in a Raman microscope opens to scientists new possibilities in surface analysis only offered in the modular WITec systems."

Further Info:

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August 2012

WITec opens branch offices in Japan and Spain

WITec GmbH, worldwide leader in nano-analytical microscopy systems, continues to expand its worldwide presence with the opening of new regional offices in Japan and Spain. Rapid growth in Europe and Asia over the last several years has made the new locations the logical step in order to help the company better serve its growing client base. Both offices will provide sales operations, pre- and after-sales technical support, customer event organization or product demonstrations.

The WITec office in Japan is conveniently located at the Kanagawa Science Park (KSP) and will specifically meet the requirements of the Japanese market. Head of the new office is Dr. Keiichi Nakamoto. He can look back on more than 20 years of experience in Scanning Probe Microscopy and was head of an R&D group at the JEOL SPM-division.

Located in Barcelona, the new WITec office in Spain will serve primarily the Spanish and Portuguese market. Area manager and head of the office is Dr. Elena Bailo. As a former member of the WITec service and support team, Dr. Bailo is very well experienced with the company’s product line.

The new offices can be reached at the following addresses:

WITec Representative Office Japan
KSP E213, 3-2-1 Sakado
Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-shi
Kanagawa 213-0012
Phone: 81 44 819 7773

WITec GmbH - Branch Office Barcelona
Apartado de correos 21025
08080 Barcelona
Phone: +34 93 515 12 38

Further Info:

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June 2012

9th Confocal Raman Imaging Symposium

The full spectrum of cutting-edge applications and techniques

From September 26 – 27, 2012 the Raman Spectroscopy community will again meet in Ulm, Germany for the 9th Symposium on “Confocal Raman Imaging”. It will cover various aspects of modern Raman microscopy and will provide an introduction to Raman spectroscopy in general as well as operational principles and instrumentation relevant to the techniques.

As a special highlight each participant will this year receive a Springer Confocal Raman Microscopy Book along with the final registration.

The symposium is an excellent occasion for scientists and engineers to further their knowledge of this highly valuable technique in order to meet emerging requirements in the chemical identification and imaging of various compounds.

Invited Talks

Prof. Sebastian Schlücker: The Principle of Raman Spectroscopy and its Application in Microscopy

Dr. Olaf Hollricher: Confocal Raman Microscopy: Instrumentation, Configurations and Resolution

Dr. Thomas Dieing: Combining Raman with Structural Surface Imaging Techniques

Dr. Thomas Beechem: Beyond Identification: Probing Band Structure, Strain and Layer Interactions in Bilayer Graphene via Raman Imaging

Dr. Juan Romero: Confocal Raman Imaging of Ceramic Materials: From Commercial Tiles to Single Isolated Nanoparticles

Dr. Barbara Cavalazzi: Raman Microscopy for Geobiology Applications

Prof. Diedrich Schmidt: Raman Microspectroscopy: Applications in Life Sciences

Dr. Klaus Wormuth: Improved Understanding of Controlled Drug Delivery Technologies via Raman Imaging

Dr. Maike Windbergs: Pharmaceutical Applications for Raman Microscopy – From Tablets to Human Tissue

One addtional speaker will be selected from among the contributed abstracts for the poster session

An important part of the symposium will be a contributed poster session giving the participants the opportunity to present and discuss their scientific results on confocal Raman imaging.

Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for the poster session by September 2nd 2012.

For more details, program and registration information please download the PDF below:

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April 2012

New WITec Product Overview Catalog

WITec has released a new product overview catalog highlighting the entire WITec portfolio. On 46 pages the potential applications and modularity of the alpha300 and alpha500 series and their accessories are illustrated with a completely new look. The brochure is the ideal guide to Confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Probe Microscopy solutions. The format and arrangement of the content reflects the philosophy of a modular product line guiding the reader with technical drawings, tables and detailed descriptions of the technologies. The comprehensive information provided by the new catalog can assist customers in deciding which system best fits their applications.

Download the new catalog here:

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March 2012

Winner of the WITec Paper Award 2011 Announced

The winner of the WITec Paper Award 2011 has been announced. This year the award goes to Diedrich A. Schmidt, North Carolina A&T State University, USA, Taisuke Ohta and Thomas E. Beechem both from the Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA for their paper: “Strain and charge carrier coupling in epitaxial graphene”, Phys. Rev. B 84, 235422 (2011). The paper was submitted by Prof. Diedrich Schmidt who will additionally receive a 500 Euro Amazon Gift card. Diedrich A. Schmidt most recently took a position as an Assistant Professor of Nanophysics at the North Carolina A&T State University and was formerly a member of the Physical Chemistry Department at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany (Prof. Havenith-Newen) where he did parts of the work presented in the paper. Each year the WITec Paper Award honors the best peer-reviewed scientific paper including results and images acquired with a WITec microscope system. A WITec panel has evaluated the submitted papers in terms of scientific relevance, data quality, and the level of instrument-feature utilization.

In total 47 authors participated in the WITec Paper Award 2011 competition. Due to the very high number of advanced papers submitted to WITec, the jury made the decision to honorably mention three other exceptional papers. The following papers have been selected to receive an Honorable Mention:

“Confocal Raman microscope mapping as a tool to describe different mineral and organic phases at high spatial resolution within marine biogenic carbonates: case study on Nerita undata (Gastropoda, Neritopsina)”; G. Nehrke, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany and J. Nouet, University Paris Sud, France. (Biogeosciences, 8, 3761-3769, 2011)

“Thermal Dynamics of Graphene Edges Investigated by Polarized Raman Spectroscopy” Ya Nan Xu, Da Zhan, Lei Liu, Hui Suo, Zhen Hua Ni, Thuong Thuong Nguyen, Chun Zhao, and Ze Xiang Shen, (ACS Nano, 2011, 5 (1), pp 147–152) The paper was submitted by Ya Nan Xu from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

“Hyperspectral Nanoscale Imaging on Dielectric Substrates with Coaxial Optical Antenna Scan Probes”, Alexander Weber-Bargioni, Adam Schwartzberg, Matteo Cornaglia, Ariel Ismach, Jeffrey J. Urban, YuanJie Pang, Reuven Gordon, Jeffrey Bokor, Miquel B. Salmeron, D. Frank Ogletree, Paul Ashby, Stefano Cabrini, and P. James Schuck (Nano Lett., 2011, 11 (3), 1201–1207). The paper was submitted by Alexander Weber-Bargioni from Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA

As a prize for the Honorable Mention each submitting author will receive the Springer “Confocal Raman Microscopy” book, edited by WITec scientists.

Congratulations to the winners!

In 2012 WITec will again award the best scientific paper including results and images acquired with a WITec microscope system. Submissions can be sent to for consideration in the award.

The image above shows from left to right the winners of the 2011 WITec Paper Award: Diedrich Schmidt from North Carolina A&T State University, USA as well as Taisuke Ohta and Thomas E. Beechem from the Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, USA.

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March 2012

WITec Workshop Series 2012

Confocal Raman Imaging is one of the most powerful characterization techniques available today as it allows the chemical identification of a sample's compounds while also imaging their distribution along with various other chemical properties nondestructively at the highest resolution. By combining with Scanning Probe Microscopy even surface topography structures or material properties can be linked to the chemical Raman information.

The workshops will cover several recent developments in confocal Raman Imaging and Scanning Probe Microscopy. They will include presentations by experts in the field in addition to equipment demonstration sessions. Please download the workshop-flyer below for a detailed program and registration information.

This workshop is a great opportunity for in-depth discussions on how to chemically identify and image your samples at the highest resolution. Please book early, due to a limited number of places.

For more details and program information please download the PDFs below:

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February 2012

International WITec Distributor Meeting 2012

n early February more than 30 representatives of international WITec distributors met at WITec headquarters in Ulm, Germany. The meeting’s theme was “The Seed Crystal for Future Growth” reflecting the spirit of the company aiming to achieve the next significant growth level and to further strengthen WITec’s position as a market leader in the field of high-resolution microcopy. Main topics of the meeting included the ongoing and future activities in the technical as well as marketing fields in order to intensify the consulting strength of the WITec sales force. All in all the meeting was a great success with the participants also enjoying the wintertime excursion on the final day.

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January 2012

True Surface Microscopy wins Photonics Prism Award 2011

WITec has just received the prestigious Photonics Prism Award 2011 for the development of TrueSurfaceTM Microscopy. This internationally respected product innovation award recognizes cutting-edge products that break conventional ideas and improve life through photonics and is presented each year by SPIE and Photonics Media. In the category of Test, Measurement & Metrology, TrueSurface Microscopy prevailed over strong competition selected by an independent panel of judges. Winners were announced at an award ceremony on 25. January 2012 during SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco, one of the largest Photonics Exhibitions in the world.

Further Info:

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