July 2015

WITec Microscope at Gymnasium Nanotechnology Exhibition

WITec lends its supports to the nanotechnology exhibition “Explore Nano World” organized by 14 students of the Gymnasium Wertingen with an alpha300 S microscope on display. The exhibition at the University of Augsburg highlights the emerging role of nanotechnology in daily life and showcases relevant research areas, applications, tools and end-user products. During a yearlong project work on nanotechnology the senior class students of the Gymnasium prepared 170 sqm of exhibition space. WITec contributes as a sponsor and has provided the Near-field & AFM microscope to be displayed as a tool for exploring the nanoworld along with a 3D topography print of an AFM polymer surface image.

The exhibition is open from 21 – 23 July 2015 at the „Anwenderzentrum Material- und Umweltforschung“ (AMU) of the Augsburg University.

The image shows (f.l.t.r.) the responsible students Manuel Burkard, Simon Lösel, Julian Neukirchner and the head of the project Elisabeth Fehrenbach. (Image courtesy of J. Neukirchner)