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March 2016

Member of the German parliament visits WITec

This week Ronja Schmitt, member of the German parliament, was visiting WITec. She informed herself about the current developments at the nanotechnology company during a tour around the science and innovations area “Science Park” of the city of Ulm.

WITec founders and directors Dr. Olaf Hollricher and Dr. Joachim Koenen showed her around and presented the latest product developments of nano-analytical microscope systems to her. During a short microscope demonstration Schmitt got a picture of the WITec application possibilities for research and development. At the end of the tour she accentuated the importance of innovative companies for the local business location.


RonjaSchmitt WITec 01

Ronja Schmitt (middle) together with Dr. Joachim Koenen (left) and Dr. Olaf Hollricher (right) during her visit at WITec.