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Simplifying Raman Data Analysis with WITec Project FIVE

  • Date: Friday, June 11, 2021
    Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm IST
    Speaker: Mr. Satheesh Kumar, Manager - Applications & Support

    WITec cordially invites you to attend our workshop demonstrating the application of the WITec Project FIVE software.

    This comprehensive workshop is intended to update the existing user with the latest information and to provide an introduction to the new user on Project FIVE’s extensive capabilities.

    The virtual event will feature presentations and a live data processing demonstration. Through its instruction and example measurements, it will enable you to generate beautiful Raman images from the raw Raman hyperspectral data set.

    This workshop is free of charge and registration is open to all WITec Project FIVE users. Once you're registered, you'll receive further information regarding participation by e-mail.


    Event Overview:

    • Comprehensive overview of Project FIVE software and data processing
    • Live demonstration of data processing techniques

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Learn how to post-process the acquired hyperspectral Raman data set from a WITec microscopy system
    • Understand the importance of the data treatment
    • See how to simplify everyday workflows to speed up data processing
    • Acquire the ability to generate meaningful and aesthetic images from raw Raman data


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